Aromatherapy as Alternative Pain Relief

Aromatherapy as Alternative Pain Relief

Aromatherapy as Alternative Pain Relief

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic or medicinal use of aromatic essential oils by inhaling or through the skin. Plant-derived pure essential oils are vital to curing diseases. The procedure also improves psychological and physical health.

You may apply a diluted essential oil solution to your skin with a compress, bath, spray, or massage. Alternatively, you may inhale its fragrance.

 According to research, aromatherapy-related olfactory stimulation can cause an instant decrease in pain. Also noted are changes in physiological factors, such as pulse, brain activity, and blood pressure.

While there are over forty plant derivatives for medicinal use, the most commonly used extracts are;

  • Rosemary– This essential oil can help with memory, hair growth, muscle aches, circulatory and neurological support.
  • Lavender-The essential oil is used to treat burns and minor cuts and relax the muscles and sleep. It helps with headaches and migraines.
  • Eucalyptus-The essential oil can help soothe your airways if you have a cold or the flu. You can pair it with mint.
  • Black pepper -The essential oil is often used to improve circulation, relieve muscle aches and pains, and treat injuries. It relieves arthritic pain and increases flexibility if used with ginger.

Remember that the best way to apply or inhale the essential oils depends on the goals you want to achieve. You can breathe in the aroma of essential oils through;

  • Diffuser
  • Steam
  • Spray
  • A cotton-ball

Benefits of Aromatherapy

The aromatherapy has many benefits, such as;

  • It improves sleep
  • It manages pain.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • It treats migraines and headaches
  • It eases labor pains.
  • It boosts immunity

Conditions it can Treat

Aromatherapy can be helpful for a variety of ailments, including:

·     Menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is quite prevalent, affecting 25–97 percent of women all over the world. Menstrual pain is severe in about 15 percent of teenage and young females. It can hinder females from working, playing sports, school, or engaging in other activities.

According to a study, aromatherapy abdominal massage eased women’s menstrual discomfort compared to a control group given acetaminophen. When compared to the acetaminophen group, the aromatherapy group experienced much more relief.

·     Chronic back pain

Back pain affects 70–85 percent of elderly adults in the United States during their life, with 36 percent reporting lower back pain at least once a year.

During a trial to explore the effectiveness of acupressure with lavender essential oil for pain reduction of subacute and chronic lower back pain. Patients who underwent a 21-day course of eight treatment sessions exhibited a substantial decrease in subjective pain intensity.


Aromatherapy can help with various ailments. However, you must use it carefully and under the direction of a trained professional. If you would like to know more about aromatherapy, talk to the professionals at North Lakes Pain Consultants. 

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