SI Joint Injections for Arthritis Pain

SI Joint Injections for Arthritis Pain

SI Joint Injections for Arthritis Pain

Are you looking for relief from your chronic arthritis pain? Have you tried rest, exercise, and physical therapy but still feel like the classic treatments aren’t working for you? Consider trying sacroiliac injections (SIJ). This injection targets the sacroiliac joint—a key movable joint located in your lower back where the spine meets the pelvis.

It is believed that inflammation of this joint can cause pain that radiates to other areas, such as hips, legs, or buttocks, which may not respond to traditional treatment methods. Read on to learn more about what exactly an SI injection is and how it might be able to offer relief to your symptoms.


What are SI Joint Injections?

Sacroiliac (SI) joint injections are shots of corticosteroids administered directly into the SI joint. The SI joint is located on either side of the spine, where it connects to the pelvis. This joint has a unique design, with some parts rigid and others elastic, allowing for movement and stability in your lower back. These injections can reduce inflammation in the joint, which can help relieve pain in your lower back and hips caused by arthritis. 


What are the Benefits of SI Joint Injections for Arthritis Pain?

SI joint injections provide several benefits, including:

  • Relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis in your lower back and hips
  • Reduction in inflammation that can cause discomfort or stiffness
  • Improved mobility, which can make everyday activities easier to perform
  • Ability to remain active while managing pain levels caused by arthritis.
  • Longer-term relief compared to traditional treatments such as rest, physical therapy, and exercise.


Why Should You Get SI Injections?

SI Injections can provide quick relief from chronic arthritis pain, allowing you to remain active and enjoy life. The injection works by targeting the source of inflammation in your lower back and reducing the swelling that can cause discomfort or stiffness.

Additionally, SI injections can provide long-term relief compared to traditional treatments such as rest, physical therapy, and exercise.


How do These Help with Arthritis Pain?

SI joint injections can help with arthritis pain by reducing inflammation in the affected area. This allows for less pain, improved mobility, and the ability to remain active while managing your condition.


What is the Procedure and How Does It Work? 

The SI joint injection involves injecting a steroid or other anti-inflammatory medication directly into the joint. Your doctor will use fluoroscopy—a type of X-ray imaging—to ensure that the needle is inserted in exactly the right spot to maximize the effectiveness of the injection. Once inserted, the steroid will be injected through a syringe into the affected area.

This procedure usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on your doctor’s technique and your response to treatment. The medication works by targeting the source of the inflammation and reducing swelling, thereby reducing your pain. It may take several weeks before you feel any effects from the injection, but once they begin working, they can provide long-term relief from chronic arthritis pain.


What Can You Expect After Injections?

After receiving SI joint injections, you may feel some relief almost immediately, or it may take a few weeks before noticing any difference in your symptoms. Once the injection takes effect, most people report improved mobility and less pain in the affected area. Additionally, long-term relief can be achieved with repeated injections over time as needed.

It is important to track how your body responds to the treatment to determine if it is providing you with enough relief or if additional treatments are necessary. Most importantly, consult your doctor or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about SI joint injections for arthritis pain.


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Sacroiliac injections are a viable solution for arthritis-related pain in the back and lower extremities. Although the injection procedure may sound intimidating, this treatment is a minimally invasive therapeutic technique for targeted relief. Patients undergoing the treatment often report reduced inflammation, increased mobility, and improved quality of life.

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